Sunday, October 23, 2011

tour with guide jotje lala

tour with guide jotje lala 22-23 october 2011 with group from  france starting from http://happyflower home and visit minahasa wooden house industry in woloan
visit tomohon market,climbing mahawu volcano,linow sulfaric lake,and visit tondanolake diner in scrates restourant,visit waruga[aencient minahasa tombs in air madidi and check in in tangkoko dove villas resort and other day tangkoko jungle trekk start 00400am see small carnifor mongkey called tarcius spetrum after jungutrips return to manado via likupang stop over in the kali naun beach, lunch in tatelu restaurant ancheck in in novo hotel manado.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

welcome tangkoko nature reserve

welcome to nature reserve

tangkoko nature reserve tour

travel and tour with guide jotje lala to tangkoko nature reserve.
guide jotje lala.
photo by guide jotje lala
daily tour and tour package.

tangkoko ranger guide

tangkoko ranger guide

tangkoko trekking path and warning

tangkoko treeking path and warning advice .
1 ganone is smalles mites or docter said microba when they bite you they go inside pore and very ichy.
proteck your skin with propelent like autan before go inside the jungle.
2 do not lay your back in the trees espcially in night time because there is tarantula spiders.
3 do not stay under coconet trees if the monkey is eating on the three.

explore flora and fauna and under water in tangkoko nature reserve

explore flora and and fauna under water in tangkoko nature reserve

regulation entry to tangkoko nature reserve

regulation entry to tangkoko nature reserve.

tangkoko eco lodge

tangkoko eco lodge

tree planted by prince bernad

this is the tree has planted by prince bernad from holand.
prince bernanad from holand planted tree in tankoko nature reserve

tangkoko hornbill tour

tangkoko hornbill tour

tarsius spectrum tour

tarsius spectrum tour
video tarsius spectrum