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Friday, July 13, 2012

minahasa highlantour and tangkoko naturereserve tour

minahasa higland tour and tangkoko naturereserve tour and stay in in one of eco lodge tangkoko dove villas is good idea to explore the best of north sulawesi destination.
guide jotje lala
lia philli  restini and her husband from sweden did the tour with under guide by guide jotje lala to tangkoko nature reserve and before explore minahasa highlan after diving in bunaken.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

guide jotje lala

guide jotje lala
in this case in form you that to stay in tangkoko nature reserve is good idea to explore the best of flora and fauna in this lovely nature reserve.it is good to promote that eco lodge and eco guide in this place to gether to preserve the environment as eco tourism.your staying there is donation of you to the people there.
so they can devence the jugngle srongly with all the flora and fauna there.

you can stay in tangkoko in:

1tangkoko lodge
2mama roos
3 tangkoko dove villas
4 tarsius
5 tangkoko ranger
or others.
or cantact :guide jotje lala

the lovely and wonderfull tangkoko nature

the lovely and wonderfull tangkoko nature reserve is one of the best to see and to explore the flora and fauna in north sulawesi indonesia.
for to explore minahasa high land you can contact:guide jotje lala